• Podcast: Episode 12

    Podcast: Episode 12

    What can I say, quite possibly the biggest episode yet. Two fans who are from the UK but supporting the opposition. Listen as we talk about the past, present and future. I even get a NANIIII! Tune in through your favourite podcast app, or if this is your 1st time listening, click through below. Anchor…

  • Podcast: Episode 11

    Podcast: Episode 11

    Episode 11 brings you a mid-season review. Listen in as I talk through the San Jose game, thoughts on the 1st half of the season and my hopes for the rest of the season. I’d love to hear your answers to the questions raised on the podcast. Drop me a line on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter Tune in by…

  • Podcast: Episode 10!

    Podcast: Episode 10!

    In this episode, it is the 10th episode of the podcast. I’m thrilled to have made it this far. This episode is dedicated to you, the listener. We have a special guest on this week to chat about the upcoming month and the games in this double gameweek. And also I go through your questions,…

  • Podcast: Episode 9

    Podcast: Episode 9

    In this episode, I go through what’s happened since the last show, a couple of questions answered and the mini-series. Not forgetting the NE Revs game this weekend too.Also now, you can follow on Facebook & Instagram too. Click here for Facebook and here for Instagram. Don’t forget you can support on Patreon here. You…

  • Podcast: Episode 8

    Podcast: Episode 8

    In this episode, I cover off the game against the Crew at Audi Field, your thoughts on the game, the upcoming match against SKC and a few points from the Pro/Rel debate. Don’t forget to support this podcast by going to patreon.com/dcunitedkingdom

  • Podcast: Episode 7

    Podcast: Episode 7

    In this episode, I look at the Minnesota match, go through your viewpoints from that game and have the 1st ever Q&A section. If you enjoy, head on over to Patreon to become a supporter. Anchor Apple Spotify Overcast Pocket Casts TuneIn

  • Podcast: Episode 6

    Podcast: Episode 6

    Hi everyone, I’ve just recorded and released the next episode of the DC United Kingdom podcast, have a listen and I’m sure you’ll be delighted by the quality =D Links are below Anchor Apple Spotify Overcast Pocket Casts TuneIn

  • I’m Back! And with Episode 5 of the podcast

    I’m Back! And with Episode 5 of the podcast

    The 1st episode since I got back from USA, I talk about the vacation, the time at Audi Field and the upcoming match against NYCFC. Listen in, subscribe and share.

  • Podcast Episode 4

    Podcast Episode 4

    The episode that’s set to make waves. I talk about the RSL match, the upcoming Orlando match, bit of random stuff, and for the 1st time ever, we have a guest. Thank you to David from Two Idiots Soccer Podcast for joining me this week. You need to check their podcast too.