• Podcast: Episode 6

    Podcast: Episode 6

    In this episode I interview Chris Odoi-Atsem, he answers my questions and then he answers your questions. I find out what he is eating during the isolation period and what his favourite calzone was, among some actual soccer questions. Tune in to find out more.Merch – http://bit.ly/DCUKStoreMembership – http://bit.ly/DCUKmemberTheme Song – Tigerblood Jewel – Cool Shoes Manhttps://www.epidemicsound.com/track/bp0KRwTXT6Show…

  • Podcast: S2 Ep3 is now out!

    Podcast: S2 Ep3 is now out!

    On this episode James Lambert & Jon Lee join me for the episode before the season opener. We discuss all sorts, James gives us a run down about the Screaming Eagles, Jon tells us about the new postgame show, and at the end, predictions about what we think the score will be. Tune in to…

  • Podcast: End of Season Show

    Podcast: End of Season Show

    In the final episode of the season, me and Sarah discuss the season, answer questions, and most importantly, I reveal the DC United Kingdom awards. I want to thank all my guests and co-hosts who have been on the show throughout this year. Without you guys, the show wouldn’t be as good as it has…

  • Podcast: Episode 23

    Podcast: Episode 23

    Firstly, I would like to start by saying that I had a technical issue with the microphone so this call is all done through Skype, so I apologize for the drop in audio quality. In this episode I am joined by Sarah and Ken as we take a look back at the season and reflect…

  • Podcast: Episode 21

    Podcast: Episode 21

    The one with all the tangents. That doesn’t mean we didn’t stay on point, we may have gone off on one or two tangents. Join me and Sarah Kallassy as we discuss all things DC United. Click the links below for the appropriate channels. Anchor Apple Spotify Overcast Pocket Casts TuneIn  YouTube

  • Podcast: Episode 20!

    Podcast: Episode 20!

    Yes, podcast episode 20 is now available through Anchor, and shortly with other services. In this episode, I return from a head injury, we have a new intro, and we look back at previous games as well as look ahead, and answer some questions that were sent in previously. I hope you enjoy the show,…

  • Podcast: Ep 19

    Podcast: Ep 19

    In this episode, I have had the pleasure of interviewing Steve Birnbaum, CB for DC United. I ask him questions about where is his favourite stadium, who his favourite club was growing up and more. I also chat about the upcoming rivalry week and a recap on the Vancouver game. Tune in, subscribe, rate and…

  • Podcast: Episode 18

    Podcast: Episode 18

    In this episode, I’m proud to say that I was able to interview none other than Quincy Amarikwa, striker for DC United. We chatted through a whole host of things. I also spoke with Sarah Kallassy and we broke the Galaxy game down, spoke about the next game against Vancouver and answered your questions. Amazing…

  • Podcast: Episode 16

    Podcast: Episode 16

    In this episode I speak with Rory Molleda, who becomes the 1st guest to return to the show. We chat about the double gameweek and what we think about the upcoming game. To tune in straight away, head to Anchor, otherwise it will appear very soon. If you’ve not subscribed yet, follow one of the…