• Podcast: Season 2 Episode 16

    Podcast: Season 2 Episode 16

    Join as I chat with Sam Kasner (Tried and True DCU) about the return of MLS in home markets and what that means to you as fans. We get to know Griffin Yow in the Getting to know (D.C.)You segment too. I will apologize for the technical issues but I hope you enjoy this episode.…

  • Podcast: S2 Ep15 – Getting to know (D.C.)You

    Podcast: S2 Ep15 – Getting to know (D.C.)You

    Getting to know (D.C.)You feat. Julian Gressel   Membership – http://bit.ly/DCUKmember  Merchandise – https://shop.spreadshirt.com/dc-uk/  Theme Song – Mike Stringer – Shake The Rattle – https://www.epidemicsound.com/track/jltVgYTQvnBuild Up Song – FormantX – Destiny Rising – https://www.epidemicsound.com/track/BGlHlMSuB7  MLS UK Show – https://mls.show AnchorAppleSpotifyGoogle PodcastsOvercastPocket CastsTuneIn YouTube

  • Podcast: S2 Ep14

    Podcast: S2 Ep14

    Live show with DCU youngster Kevin Paredes.Don’t forget this show is sponsored by MLS UK Show. Go check them out in the link below for all their amazing content, from interviews with people such as Jon Champion and other MLS players, to blogs and the great Twitter feed. Membership – http://bit.ly/DCUKmember Merchandise – https://shop.spreadshirt.com/dc-uk/  Theme…

  • Podcast: S2 Episode 13

    Podcast: S2 Episode 13

    In this episode I am joined live by James Lambert, head of Screaming Eagles as we discuss D.C. United’s performance in the MLS is Back tournament. This won’t be an easy one but there is plenty to talk about. If you’re watching on YouTube live, drop in a comment or head to the link below…

  • Podcast: S2 Episode 12

    Podcast: S2 Episode 12

    In this episode, I chat with Russell about the game against Toronto, the upcoming match against the Revs and how is golf game is coming along. And yes, I had a mind blank when asking a question. All the links below for membership, merch, show sponsor etc.   Membership – http://bit.ly/DCUKmemberMerchandise – https://shop.spreadshirt.com/dc-uk/  Theme Song – Mike Stringer…

  • Podcast: S2 Episode 11

    Podcast: S2 Episode 11

    In this episode I speak with Russell Canouse for the 2nd time this season. He reveals what he thinks it will be like playing in front of no fans and what he will be getting up to in his spare time from playing in Florida. Check out the links below for all the DC UK…

  • Podcast: Extra Time show – Dedicated to all the Dads out there

    Podcast: Extra Time show – Dedicated to all the Dads out there

    This show is for all the Dads out there. Me and David Shams are talking about soccer but also being 1st time Dads in this bizarre time. I also touch upon some mental health issues I’ve had and what I’ve done to try and help myself. I hope you enjoy this bonus episode as it…

  • Podcast: S2 Episode 10

    Podcast: S2 Episode 10

    In this episode, me & Daniel discuss the new “MLS is Back” tournament, Daniel compares DC to a can of tomato soup and I interview Dr. Chris Annunziata, CMO for DC United. As always, this show is sponsored by MLS UK Show Membership – http://bit.ly/DCUKmember Merchandise – DCUK Store Theme Song – Tigerblood Jewel –…

  • Podcast: Episode 8

    Podcast: Episode 8

    In this episode I chat with Ben Olsen where he will be answering not just my questions, but some of yours too.  Find out the past, present and future with Ben.   Merch – http://bit.ly/DCUKStoreMembership – http://bit.ly/DCUKmemberHold song – https://www.epidemicsound.com/track/mH58FGYeovBefore Intro Song – FormantX – Destiny Rising – https://www.epidemicsound.com/track/BGlHlMSuB7Theme Song – Tigerblood Jewel – Cool Shoes Man https://www.epidemicsound.com/track/bp0KRwTXT6Show Sponsors – MLSUK…