Podcast: S3 Ep22 – 3rd in the East

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Join James, Tom & Angus as we discuss the fact that we have moved up to 3rd and how can we get that home playoff match

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Match Review

Match Report: DC v ORL

Match Stats

Match Report

This game will be known for that Rooney strike, that unbelievable effort, from 70 yards out. You know what, let’s just see it again!

Such a great goal from Wazza. It was also the Pride Night at Audi Field, and it was great to see all the colour, all the fans together, and the respect given when the 49th minute came about. Truly special and I’m proud to be a DC United fan.

Other things to note from the game, Bill Hamid kept his 8th shutout of the season, now tied for the most in MLS this season, but also leads in total saves made with 71. This is a stat that I’m happy but not happy about. We shouldn’t be allowing teams to have that amount of attempts on goal. It’s great that we have such a solid keeper though.

We had a goal ruled out for offside, this is unclear, from certain angles you would say Segura was offside, and then from other angles it’s unclear.

How close Rowe was to making the save

Such a tight call to give but you can see from both sides. The 2nd half was pretty much domination for Orlando, similar to how it was in the game earlier in the season, just this time they couldn’t find a way through. Mueller had a good effort, Nani looked great and I’m sure the DC boys will be happy that they were able to keep them at bay.

So, I asked before the game, could we tame the lions? My answer is no, but we kept them at bay but they have the ability to bite back.

Man of the Match

The goal winner bagging the man of the match. I think there were a couple of players that could have won this award but you know what, Rooney scored that goal, he looked calm on the ball and was spraying it around brilliantly.

Next game is up against Toronto FC at Audi Field on Sunday 30th June 1am BST. Live on Bet365

Blog Match Review

Match Report: ORL vs DCU

Match Statistics

The Report

The stats don’t speak for the match really. It was a game of two very different halves. The first was one of DC dominance and not looking threatened at all. DC took the lead fairly early on through a free kick. Rooney swinging it in and Birnbaum with a clear header into the net. Poor to no marking on him giving him the free header. Replay below.

We then have this call. It’s been called controversial as there was no contact, but does there need to be contact? In my view, it was dangerous, he comes in with his boot high, at knee level. If he made contact with Rooney then it would have been a sending off. What makes it worse for Orlando fans is that this happened straight after.

Orlando had a good couple of opportunities but nothing that really tested Hamid, 3 attempts on target, main one being an effort from Nani on the edge of the box, but went straight down the middle.

The 2nd half was a complete turnaround. Orlando suddenly had shape, discipline and a gung-ho attitude. Mueller came on and made the difference today. DC United had no answer to him. I think he will be a big big player for Orlando this season. His pace, directness and willingness to get forward is something that should be taken advantage of.

DC had a glorious opportunity, pretty much the only of the half to wrap things up, Rooney has the ball i the box, instead of going for it, lays it off to Moreno who is central of the goal, about 15 yards out, and somehow hits the post.

Orlando’s goal came through a cheap free kick won by Dwyer, but they did deserve something. This is the goal

It didn’t end there as wave after wave of Orlando attacks rained on the DC United goal, Hamid though was equal to it. As time went on, DC did manage to find space in the Orlando half to wind down the clock. As Orlando were just pumping the ball into the box, the ref finally blew the whistle and gave DC United their first road victory since May last year.

DC United top the Eastern Conference again and have 10 points from the 1st 4 games of the season.

Match Preview

Match Preview: Orl vs DCU

Team News

Good news from DCU, there is no new team news. So we should be expecting our strongest lineup again with the trip to Orlando. This will be Wayne Rooney’s real first long trip in MLS. As I’ve said before, I don’t think it’ll have a huge effect on him, especially this one as there is no time difference or anything.

Expect to see the likes of Lucho, Arriola, Hamid all starting. Orlando will be on a high after their victory over NYRB (LOL), and hopefully we can dampen that. With a great defence so far this season, they will be properly tested with the likes of Dwyer and Nani. Eyes up Birnbaum & Brillant.

Key Stats

Looking over the Head to Head record between these two, overall it’s even, however, when you look deeper into the records, usually the home side comes out on top. DCU have scored less than a goal a game in Orlando, and they’ll need to really up it if they are to come out victorious. Rooney has yet to play there so this could be where the tide changes.

The last time this fixture was played was the match opener last year. That ended in a tie very cruelly for DC. I remember staying up to watch it and seeing that goal go in at the last minute was brutal. Revenge was sweet later on in the season though.

Lineup Prediction

Well, I think you know how it’s going down.

Now news is good news for DC United.

Scoreline Prediction

I’ve asked about and heard some predictions already, I don’t think it’s going to be the highest scoring of games, and I think we will continue the shutouts, so I’m going for 2-0. I think Rooney will bag himself a goal alongside Acosta. Lucho seems to like this fixture quite a lot and hopefully he will get himself on the scorers list, if not for himself, but for my Fantasy Team =D.

Where to Watch (UK)

In the UK this game will be shown live on Sky Sports Football and Sky Sports Mix from 23:45 GMT.

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