My Visit to DC and Audi Field

A little bit different this post, it’s more of a general blog, but I just wanted to share a little bit of DC and why I love this place, and why I follow this club.

It all started with this player, and for those who follow DC United and have done for a long time, they will know.

Jaime Moreno

Jaime Moreno, former Middlesbrough player, was then sold to DC United. He didn’t have a great time at Boro, making 20 appearances and only scoring the one goal, but that was my 1st exposure to DCU & MLS. We brought him back on loan in 1998 in the offseason for MLS, where he maded 5 appearances and scored 1. I didn’t really start following them though until this guy came around, along with all the hype.

Freddy Adu – Football Manager Screenshot

The game Football Manager is a game I play regularly and have done for quite a long time. When this lad came around, there was so much hype, not just in the real world, but on this game too. I remember when he signed for DC United and I was like, I’ve got to manage them. And since then, I’ve followed them. And since that point, I’ve always wanted to go and see them play.

Which brings me nicely onto last year. Last year, I was on a family holiday to the States. We were going to Orlando, and in my head, I thought, if I’m going to be in the country, let’s see if DC United are playing, and lo and behold, they were, and it was at home, and it was at Audi Field. So I made the plan of going, the game itself was on my Dads birthday, so made sure I got permission for him to be there and that he didn’t mind, which thankfully he didn’t. So, me and my wife decided to fly up to Washington, have a few days, and then go to the game. This was also her 1st match she had been to ever as well. I reached out to a few supporters clubs and the only ones who got back to me were the Screaming Eagles. We ended up at the tailgate beforehand, had an awesome time, and then got to the game.

Despite the result, I loved every moment of it. So much so, I knew I had to go back. But what hit me most was the way the fans were. The supporters clubs and how much that is ingrained into the club. I wanted to do something myself. This motivation got me to launch this. I want to spread the name of DC United around, MLS is getting bigger and bigger, couple that with the fact it is now shown on the biggest sports broadcaster regularly, and we have Wayne Rooney, now is a great time to support the club.

Did I go back, well of course I did, I was back there for my birthday! What an awesome birthday I had, the result was better than previous, I got to meet even more awesome people, and I was in the supporters section of the stadium so I got to soak up a lot of the atmosphere. Will I go again, of course I will, I just don’t know when yet.

DC itself is a beautiful city. And if you don’t want to go for the soccer, go for the rich history, the cherry blossom, and the food, because my word, everything is sooooo good. If you don’t believe me, look at the gallery below

Great skyline, nice canals, huge monuments & memorials, and beautiful sunsets. What more could you ask for?

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Let me know if you’re a DC native and if there is anything I need to try or see next time I’m there.

See you next time.

Images from Screaming Eagles and myself.

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