It’s the final countdown

So we are into the final week before the season starts, the excitement is building, the fantasy teams are working there way in, and the TV schedules have been released. It’s all gearing up to what could be a great season of soccer. Also, jerseys have been announced. On that, it seems to be a sea of white for the away jerseys. Well, apart from Seattle Sounders, who seemed to have stolen Inter Miami’s colours. I joke, I’m sure there was no influence in that.

What can we expect for this weekend? That’s the beauty of MLS, we just don’t know. It could be the same as last season, Atlanta dominating (I hope not as they’re playing DC this weekend), or we could have a total switch around, look what happened with Toronto in 2018 after winning the Title in 2017, even with Giovinco they still didn’t make the Playoffs. Who will be the surprise team this season? Will D.C keep their upturn of form from last season into this season? (I hope so) Will NYRB still have a solid defence?

Let me know your thoughts for this weekend in the comments. I will be looking to do a podcast by the weekend letting you know my thoughts of each fixture this weekend, go through my fantasy team and anything else I can think of. If there is anything you want me to talk about, drop a comment below, or send me a message by using the Contact link above.


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