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Vamos United!

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It’s the final countdown

So we are into the final week before the season starts, the excitement is building, the fantasy teams are working there way in, and the TV schedules have been released. It’s all gearing up to what could be a great season of soccer. Also, jerseys have been announced. On that, it seems to be a sea of white for the away jerseys. Well, apart from Seattle Sounders, who seemed to have stolen Inter Miami’s colours. I joke, I’m sure there was no influence in that.

What can we expect for this weekend? That’s the beauty of MLS, we just don’t know. It could be the same as last season, Atlanta dominating (I hope not as they’re playing DC this weekend), or we could have a total switch around, look what happened with Toronto in 2018 after winning the Title in 2017, even with Giovinco they still didn’t make the Playoffs. Who will be the surprise team this season? Will D.C keep their upturn of form from last season into this season? (I hope so) Will NYRB still have a solid defence?

Let me know your thoughts for this weekend in the comments. I will be looking to do a podcast by the weekend letting you know my thoughts of each fixture this weekend, go through my fantasy team and anything else I can think of. If there is anything you want me to talk about, drop a comment below, or send me a message by using the Contact link above.

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MLS Fantasy Soccer League

As in every sport, there is always the Fantasy League, and MLS is no different. I’ve picked my team, and I’ve created a league, you can join me by clicking on this link. It’s always interesting to see who picks who and who will be the key players. For those who are unfamiliar with MLS, it’s also a good way of finding out which players played well last season and who plays where.

For me I think the key players in my team are going to be Acosta & Rooney. If they can rekindle the partnership that was developed last season, I can see many points being scored here.

Who are your key players in your team? Do you even know who they are? Drop a comment below with your team and if you have joined let me know too. I’ll see you in the league =)


Live Coverage

Sky Sports have announced the first months worth of soccer coverage. Out of the 10 matches available, DC United are involved in 3 of them, joint highest out of all the teams. This will be due to Wayne Rooney and the attraction of seeing him play.

The 1st match of the season on Sky is Orlando City SC vs NYCFC, a repeat of their inaugural match. Will that be as exciting as that match, we’ll find out on March 2nd. DC’s 1st match is shown the day after against Atlanta Utd. Live at 11pm GMT, you know I’ll be watching. It will certainly be a great game to watch and no doubt many goals involved.

Other games shown live for DC are the game against NYCFC on the 10th March 7pm GMT and then 3 weeks later away to Orlando City SC on the 31st March at 11:30pm GMT.

How do you see the 1st month going for DC United? Will you be watching live alongside me? Let me know in the comments below.


The Journey Begins

Hello and welcome for landing here. If you’re wondering what this page is all about, well let me introduce myself first.

My name is James, I’m a Brit and I’m a DC United fan. I’m also a Middlesbrough fan too. I caught the MLS bug many years ago now, a little bit when the legendary Jaime Moreno was playing, but more so when Freddy Adu first came about. Thank you to the management game Football Manager, this gave me a great insight into how MLS works, from things like the salary cap, to the SuperDraft, to the MLS Playoffs. And now, MLS is even on Sky Sports in the UK, so I get to see my team play live on TV. But nothing beats being there.

The Tailgate

That picture is me in the middle, my wife and then Joe on the left. This was my 1st taste of MLS in real life. An absolutely great experience and one that left me with memories that will last a lifetime. I joined up with the Screaming Eagles and their tailgate event. I got in touch with them through Instagram and they welcomed us both with open arms. They showed us around, brought us to the stadium and were incredibly friendly. Friends for life I say. The bug has been gnawing away at me though and I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while. Now I’ve gone ahead and done it. So I hope you join me on this journey, become not just DC United fans, but MLS fans in general too. I cannot wait to be back there in April and I’ll be keeping this updated throughout the season and years to come. So without much else to say, I’ll leave you with one thing.

VAMOS United!!!!

Outside Audi Field
Inside the stadium