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In this episode, I look at the Minnesota match, go through your viewpoints from that game and have the 1st ever Q&A section. If you enjoy, head on over to Patreon to become a supporter.





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My Visit to DC and Audi Field

A little bit different this post, it’s more of a general blog, but I just wanted to share a little bit of DC and why I love this place, and why I follow this club.

It all started with this player, and for those who follow DC United and have done for a long time, they will know.

Jaime Moreno

Jaime Moreno, former Middlesbrough player, was then sold to DC United. He didn’t have a great time at Boro, making 20 appearances and only scoring the one goal, but that was my 1st exposure to DCU & MLS. We brought him back on loan in 1998 in the offseason for MLS, where he maded 5 appearances and scored 1. I didn’t really start following them though until this guy came around, along with all the hype.

Freddy Adu – Football Manager Screenshot

The game Football Manager is a game I play regularly and have done for quite a long time. When this lad came around, there was so much hype, not just in the real world, but on this game too. I remember when he signed for DC United and I was like, I’ve got to manage them. And since then, I’ve followed them. And since that point, I’ve always wanted to go and see them play.

Which brings me nicely onto last year. Last year, I was on a family holiday to the States. We were going to Orlando, and in my head, I thought, if I’m going to be in the country, let’s see if DC United are playing, and lo and behold, they were, and it was at home, and it was at Audi Field. So I made the plan of going, the game itself was on my Dads birthday, so made sure I got permission for him to be there and that he didn’t mind, which thankfully he didn’t. So, me and my wife decided to fly up to Washington, have a few days, and then go to the game. This was also her 1st match she had been to ever as well. I reached out to a few supporters clubs and the only ones who got back to me were the Screaming Eagles. We ended up at the tailgate beforehand, had an awesome time, and then got to the game.

Despite the result, I loved every moment of it. So much so, I knew I had to go back. But what hit me most was the way the fans were. The supporters clubs and how much that is ingrained into the club. I wanted to do something myself. This motivation got me to launch this. I want to spread the name of DC United around, MLS is getting bigger and bigger, couple that with the fact it is now shown on the biggest sports broadcaster regularly, and we have Wayne Rooney, now is a great time to support the club.

Did I go back, well of course I did, I was back there for my birthday! What an awesome birthday I had, the result was better than previous, I got to meet even more awesome people, and I was in the supporters section of the stadium so I got to soak up a lot of the atmosphere. Will I go again, of course I will, I just don’t know when yet.

DC itself is a beautiful city. And if you don’t want to go for the soccer, go for the rich history, the cherry blossom, and the food, because my word, everything is sooooo good. If you don’t believe me, look at the gallery below

Great skyline, nice canals, huge monuments & memorials, and beautiful sunsets. What more could you ask for?

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Let me know if you’re a DC native and if there is anything I need to try or see next time I’m there.

See you next time.

Images from Screaming Eagles and myself.


I’m Back! And with Episode 5 of the podcast

So folks, it’s been a while since I last wrote a post and actually been in touch with you guys through my blog and podcast. If you haven’t seen (why haven’t you lol), then I’ve been away on vacation to the USA. And yes, that means DC too. I’ve recorded a little podcast which tells you about it and I hope you enjoy it. Drop me a little comment below with your thoughts and please please share, and also donate too. Every little helps. I look forward to writing more and speaking to you all soon. Click here for the episode

Blog Match Review

Match Report: ORL vs DCU

Match Statistics

The Report

The stats don’t speak for the match really. It was a game of two very different halves. The first was one of DC dominance and not looking threatened at all. DC took the lead fairly early on through a free kick. Rooney swinging it in and Birnbaum with a clear header into the net. Poor to no marking on him giving him the free header. Replay below.

We then have this call. It’s been called controversial as there was no contact, but does there need to be contact? In my view, it was dangerous, he comes in with his boot high, at knee level. If he made contact with Rooney then it would have been a sending off. What makes it worse for Orlando fans is that this happened straight after.

Orlando had a good couple of opportunities but nothing that really tested Hamid, 3 attempts on target, main one being an effort from Nani on the edge of the box, but went straight down the middle.

The 2nd half was a complete turnaround. Orlando suddenly had shape, discipline and a gung-ho attitude. Mueller came on and made the difference today. DC United had no answer to him. I think he will be a big big player for Orlando this season. His pace, directness and willingness to get forward is something that should be taken advantage of.

DC had a glorious opportunity, pretty much the only of the half to wrap things up, Rooney has the ball i the box, instead of going for it, lays it off to Moreno who is central of the goal, about 15 yards out, and somehow hits the post.

Orlando’s goal came through a cheap free kick won by Dwyer, but they did deserve something. This is the goal

It didn’t end there as wave after wave of Orlando attacks rained on the DC United goal, Hamid though was equal to it. As time went on, DC did manage to find space in the Orlando half to wind down the clock. As Orlando were just pumping the ball into the box, the ref finally blew the whistle and gave DC United their first road victory since May last year.

DC United top the Eastern Conference again and have 10 points from the 1st 4 games of the season.

Blog Match Review

Match Report: DCU 5-0 RSL

Just going to open with I was unfortunate to not be well enough to watch the game, but I have caught up on the highlights.

DC United Lineup

Courtesy of @dcunited twitter

Match Statistics

22Shots on Goal4
7Shots on Target2
87%Passing Accuracy81%
4Chances Created1
3Yellow Cards2
0Red Cards2

From watching the highlights, it certainly looked one sided. From the midfield to the forwards, they all looked comfortable on the ball, passing well, pressing high up the pitch like they did against Atlanta United, which led to one of Rooney’s goals. Coupled with the fact that RSL had two players sent off, it was pretty much a given that DCU were going to win this match. Because I’ve been unable to watch the game and give you my thoughts, I’m going to bring some thoughts from around the web.’s player notes

  • Wayne Rooney scored a penalty kick goal in the 34th minute after Paul Arriola drew a foul in the box. It was his first goal of the 2019 MLS Season.
  • Rooney scored a second goal in the 41st minute. It was his fifth multi-goal performance in 23 regular season games for the Black-and-Red.. 
  • Leonardo Jara assisted Rooney’s second goal. It was his first assist in MLS and with United. 
  • Wayne Rooney scored a third goal in the 65th minute to record his first hat-trick for the Black-and-Red.
  • Lucas Rodríguez scored in the 76th minute. It was his first career goal for United.
  • Ulises Segura scored his first goal of the 2019 season in the 80th minute.
  • Júnior Moreno assisted on two goals in the win; he now leads United with three assists. 
  • Goalkeeper Bill Hamid recorded his third straight clean sheet in the win; his 57th career shutout.
  • RSL goalkeeper Nick Rimando played his final regular season match in D.C., where he starred for United from 2002-2006.

Match reports from around the web

Black And Red United

BBC Sport

Match Clips


Roundup of this week’s previews & news

DC United to host Real Betis in May –

Chris Durkin called up to USMNT U20’s –

Match Preview –

Blog Match Review

Match Report: NYCFC 0-0 DCU

Match Statistics

21Total Attempts
6Attempts on Target3
565Total Passes287
81%Passing Accuracy68%
19Fouls Committed17
1Yellow Cards2
0Red Cards0

The Report

Coming off the back of a great win against Atlanta United, DC must have come into this with high hopes of making back to back wins and getting the On The Road season off the to the best start.

The pitch itself was of incredibly poor quality, the bad winter coupled with the fact that it’s a baseball ground really showed. Patchwork is definitely the work done to it. It looked like it would be slow and not conductive to a great slick passing game. And so was the case, the passing accuracy certainly not the highest ever.

Early doors, the referee certainly put his stamp on the game, with NYCFC committing a few fouls. And it was DC who had the 1st chance as Sean Johnson was called into action within the 1st 20 minutes. Great work from Arriola down the right, who passed across to Rooney, who then found Acosta inside the box. Acosta then had his effort well saved low down to the right of Johnson.

Mitrita was a constant thorn in the side of DC as his direct running was causing headaches for Brillant and Birnbaum. However as the match worse on, he became more predictable.

Even though New York City had 21 efforts on goal, the majority were from long range and early on it was Ring who was taking them. Testing Hamid from 25 yards out.

The 2nd half saw more of the same and it did open up, with more efforts being saved by both the keepers. Hamid coming to the rescue on more than one occasion for DC United, especially as the game got towards the end. He made multiple saves that kept them in the tie.

This save being the best of the bunch. And for more this ensured he was my DC United POTM (Player of the Match). He has kept his second shutout and was the key for DC not getting beat today. I was disappointed in Acosta, he was getting the ball but NYC really nullified his presence by being quick on him and nipping the ball away. The pitch didn’t help his game and you could tell he was frustrated as he threw his arms around a lot. If I was the Head Coach I would have taken him off, he had 2 of his efforts saved, the first being a great save but the second was hit straight at Johnson.

Next match is against Real Salt Lake at Audi Field. I’ll aim to be up for that match and hopefully continue the live tweeting for those who can’t get access to the match.


Match Preview: NYCFC vs DCU

Team News

No new team news, so I’m expecting the same team as last weeks victory over Atlanta United. It’ll be interesting to see how much further along Jara and Rodriguez have come on and whether their chemistry with the team is any better. Jara will need to be a bit more solid at the back and Rodriguez needs to make sure he will be finishing better too.

Key Stats

H2H wise, it’s very even. In the 9 matches played between each other, there has been 4 victories each and 1 draw. An average of 3.44 goals per game too. So this tie will throw up some goals that’s for sure. There has not been a 0-0 draw or a 1-0 win yet. DCU won the 1st ever match between the two sides 2-1 but it certainly has been punch for punch. DCU however are currently unbeaten in the last 3 ties between the two.

Key Players

As always the key players for DC are Rooney, Acosta and Arriola. After last weeks performance, Arriola’s stock has gone through the roof and if NYCFC are to get anything from the game, they will be keeping an eye on him. Hamid will be aiming to keep successive shutouts and will be shouting at his defence if they step out of line.

For NYCFC a key player for them will be the pitch. I’m amazed that they don’t have a soccer specific stadium and the fact that it’s a baseball ground, it always seems bizarre when watching games there. On the pitch they’ll be looking to Mitrita to make an impact. The €8mil signing is the 3rd DP of NYCFC. It is difficult to predict the lineup for NYCFC as they have such an array of players who can play in different positions.

Lineup Prediction

DCU predicted lineup

Scoreline Prediction


I think it’s going to be a big win for DCU as they look to continue the high intensity pressing style, and with NYCFC being a fairly new look team, they will not have enough to get past the defence of DCU. Arriola will continue his great form and I reckon Rooney will get his goal tally off the mark.

Where to watch

You can catch the game live on Sky Sports Football from 7pm GMT

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