MLS is Back group draw

The draw has taken place, with one group of 6 and the rest are 4. Each group had a main seed with the rest being unseeded. D.C. United were unseeded for this tournament. I’m pleased to say that we have been in Group C alongside Toronto FC, New England Revolution & Montreal Impact.

The draw itself was broadcast live over social and it was incredibly MLS. It’s good to have it back but my word, it was kinda awkward to watch. I know it doesn’t happen often (if at all) with drawing names out of the proverbial hat, I think it could have been done a lot better. Each top seeded team got to pick at random a number to have in their group. I’d have preferred the classic method of each team being drawn by the host. Either way it has been done and we have got who we have got.

Are you excited by the fact we have MLS back? What do you think of the draw? Hit me up on social and use the hashtag #DCUnitedKingdom

D.C. United have been drawn into Group C in the MLS is Back Tournament. The Black-and-Red are joined by 2019 MLS Cup runners-up, Toronto FC alongside fellow Eastern Conference Teams the New England Revolution and Montreal Impact.
D.C. United’s tournament schedule will be announced at a later date, potentially as early as next week, with all matches available for live viewing across Major League Soccer’s network of national broadcast partners. 

D.C. United statement

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