Leagues Cup Announcement

Announcement of the Leagues Cup fixture dates have come through and this being DCU’s first foray into the tournament, I thought I would share them with you.

Leagues Cup 2020
Round of 16: July 21-22
Quarterfinals: August 4-5
Semifinals: August 25-26
Final: September 16

The 1st match that we will be facing is happening right in-between a home tie against Montreal Impact and an away tie against Toronto. If we make it through to the QF’s, then it’s in-between a home tie against Columbus Crew and an away tie against Inter Miami, and then the SF’s are in between two home ties against Philadelphia Union and New England Revolution, with the final sitting between a home tie against Chicago Fire and an away tie against LAFC. Not ideal but it is a chance for further silverware. Chances of that happening, slim I reckon. I’d like to think our main focus will be on the MLS Cup and making it further in the playoffs.

The MLS teams taking part are:
MLS 1: Philadelphia Union 
MLS 2: Real Salt Lake 
MLS 3: Minnesota United FC 
MLS 4: LA Galaxy 
MLS 5: Toronto FC 
MLS 6: D.C. United 
MLS 7: Portland Timbers 
MLS 8: NY Red Bulls 
As you can see we are seeded 6th in this competition, meaning if we play another MLS team who is seeded higher than ourselves, we will be playing away.

What do you think of this tournament? Does it compliment the Champions League like the Europa League does to the European Champions League? Or is it a pointless trophy between two nations? Drop a comment below or over on social.

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